About Us

The Zionist Rabbinic Coalition fosters love and dedication to Zionism and Israel among generations of American Jews.

Our mission is to promote unity, understanding, and cooperation among the Jewish communities of Israel and the Diaspora.

Watch Rabbi Stuart Weinblatt speak with Rabbi Nolan Lebovitz about the need for and the work of the Zionist Rabbinic Coalition.

Our Unique Approach

The Zionist Rabbinic Coalition is committed to the self-determination of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel, the concepts of Jewish unity and peoplehood, and respect for our differences and diversity. We pledge to teach and lead the Jewish people with love and dedication to Zionism and the Jewish state.


Building a Bridge with Israel

Our work will be twofold.

1. We will take public positions in committed support of Israel—in the traditional media, on social media, and in synagogues around the country. Rabbis from a variety of perspectives will work together to craft messages that resonate with American Jews of all ages and backgrounds, and to share them as widely as possible.

2. We will serve as a resource for rabbis of all denominations to support Israel among their congregants, by offering in-person and online seminars and classes. Rabbis will develop and lead educational offerings for their colleagues that will help them support Israel in their day-to-day work with their communities.

Our goals are:

  • To strengthen the ties between American Jewry and the State of Israel 
  • To encourage diversity of expressions of Judaism in Israel 
  • To foster a sense of peoplehood among Jews worldwide
  • To express our concerns directly to appropriate parties in Israel while conveying to our fellow Jews in the Diaspora the importance of continued support for the State of Israel

“We can love and support Israel even if we disagree about the particulars of policy and current events.”

Rabbi Stuart Weinblatt

Congregation B'nai Tzedek

Why Join the Zionist Rabbinic Coalition?

Many rabbis are reluctant or feel intimidated to express their love of Israel. While some rabbis have tried to articulate a Judaism that is separate from Israel, we believe that Israel is an intrinsic part of the American Jewish identity.

By joining the Zionist Rabbinic Coalition you can support Israel with other like-minded rabbinic leaders, access trusted resources, and be empowered to foster a love for Israel for generations to come.