Testimonials & Endorsements

What Jewish Leaders Say About Us

“The Coalition embodies some of the best Jewish values which need to be affirmed at this time…the ZRC has the right mixture of committed love to the Jewish state combined with responsibility to feed back and assess Israel’s policies and the humility to know that Israelis carry, disproportionately, the burdens and consequences of exercising power.”

Rabbi Yitz Greenberg,

American Scholar, Author and Rabbi

“I deeply commend you and your colleagues for your efforts. We must learn more about each other, understand where we come from and where we wish to go, focus on, deepen and expand what we share, respect each other, even when we differ.”

Sallai Meridor,

Former Ambassador for the United States in Israel, former Chairman of Jewish Agency for Israel

“As one who has chosen to devote my life to helping people better understand Israel and fight antisemitism, I view the Zionist Rabbinic Coalition as an important partner in the effort to build bridges and promote greater understanding of the most misunderstood country on earth.”

Noa Tishby,

Israeli Actress, Writer, Producer and Activist

“I strongly support this important initiative.”

Issac Herzog,

President of the State of Israel

“The Zionist Rabbinic Coalition’s commitment to unity and cooperation serves an important example to our people in Israel and around the world.”

Dr. Nachman Shai,

Former Minister of Diaspora Affairs

“I believe the Zionist Rabbinic Coalition is such an important group. Its mission statement explains clearly the commitment to promoting pluralism and ties to Israel.”

Dennis Ross,

Counselor and William Davidson Distinguished Fellow at The Washington Institute

“Rabbis throughout history have been at the forefront of community leadership. Now more than ever we need these voices from across the spectrum to help their members and families to stand up for Jewish ancestral rights and connection to Tzion, Eretz Yisrael, our eternal homeland. “

Dr. Elana Heideman,

Executive Director, The Israel Forever Foundation

What Our Members Say

“I am proud to be one of the original members of ZRC.

Particularly impressive about the post October 7 mission I went on is that Reform, Conservative and Orthodox rabbis, (as well as an HUC student) came together to show our solidarity, be with the victims’ families, grieve with one another and offer support. The access we had – a private meeting with President Herzog, IDF officers, and others was remarkable. The ZRC is the antidote for the eroding sense of ahavat Yisrael we see too often today, sadly even amongst some rabbinic colleagues….”

Rabbi Mark Zimmerman,

Congregation Beth Shalom, Atlanta, Georgia

“This is an opportunity to have a voice in an important conversation in Israel Diaspora relations”

Rabbi Aaron Melman,

Beth Shalom, Northbrook, IL

“We want to foster a love of Israel from generation to generation.”

Rabbi Rosie Haim,

Celebrating Jewish Life, Beachwood, Oh

“Zionism and the Jewish State have been part of the Jewish narrative for all of Jewish history. It is a central part of the Jewish story. We need to support and foster our connection to Israel.”

Rabbi Eric Yanoff,

Adath Israel on the Main Line

“We can love and support Israel even if we disagree about the particulars of policy and current events.”

Rabbi Stuart Weinblatt

Congregation B'nai Tzedek

Why Join the Zionist Rabbinic Coalition?

Many rabbis are reluctant or feel intimidated to express their love of Israel. While some rabbis have tried to articulate a Judaism that is separate from Israel, we believe that Israel is an intrinsic part of the American Jewish identity.

By joining the Zionist Rabbinic Coalition you can support Israel with other like-minded rabbinic leaders, access trusted resources, and be empowered to foster a love for Israel for generations to come.