Rabbis promoting unity with Israel


Our Mission

The Zionist Rabbinic Coalition is the multi-denominational and non-partisan collective voice of Zionist rabbis. We strengthen connections between Israel and the Diaspora and combat anti-Semitism, especially when it masquerades as anti-Zionism, through collegial support, constructive discourse, education, and advocacy.

Vision Statement

We are Zionist rabbis who constructively engage with Israel to build bridges with Israel and the Jewish people. Our mission is to promote unity, understanding, and cooperation among the Jewish communities of Israel and the Diaspora.


The Zionist Rabbinic Coalition convened in Washington, DC, on May 20-22, 2024. In response to the brutal, unprecedented Hamas massacre of Israelis and in reaction to American response, we affirm the following principles:


2024 Conference

Highlights from the 2024 ZRC National Conference

Highlights from the 2024 ZRC National Conference

Conference Speakers and Presentations: Johnnie Moore: Evangelical Leader “We Are Not Alone: Voices of Support Outside the Jewish Community” Reverend Johnnie Moore opened the conference with an address covered live on C-Span in which he articulated the deep connections...

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How Long Israeli Hostages Kidnapped by Hamas are Still Being Held Captive in Gaza

290 days 1 hour 15 minutes 33 seconds

An Expression of Unity and Support for Israel by Rabbis

Rabbis As Witnesses

  Rabbis who have recently returned from solidarity missions to Israel share what they witnessed, including inspiring sermon-worthy stories of resilience and determination, along with practical tips on planning a...

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Letter to Law School Deans

Letter to Law School Deans

You may be familiar with the letter sent to law school deans about the hiring of those involved in anti-Jewish activities. Here is a link to that letter. Below is a letter for rabbis that you may use to send to lawyers in your community to encourage them to endorse...

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ZRC celebrates Abraham Accords as guests of UAE, Bahrain and Israel

ZRC Meets With Israel’s PM

ZRC Meets With Israel’s PM

A delegation of the Zionist Rabbinic Coalition has just returned from a highly successful mission to celebrate the Abraham Accords, where we were warmly welcomed and hosted as guests of the UAE, Bahrain, and Israel from June 21-29, 2023. For Shabbat, our delegation...

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Who We Are

The Zionist Rabbinic Coalition fosters love and dedication to Zionism and Israel among generations of American Jews.

The Zionist Rabbinic Coalition is a growing group of over 200 rabbis from diverse American congregations of all Jewish denominations committed to supporting Israel. ​​We are the only multi-denominational rabbinic organization that promotes constructive and positive interaction between the world’s two largest Jewish communities (American Jews and Israeli Jews). We foster a greater understanding of American and Israeli Jews by providing tools, resources and programs to rabbis. We are a non-partisan group that actively and constructively engages the American rabbinic community with Israel with the goal of working to close the gap between our communities.

ZRC in the News

No ceasefire until Hamas is defeated, hostages released

No ceasefire until Hamas is defeated, hostages released

The Zionist Rabbinic Coalition, a coalition of hundreds of rabbis opposes calls for a ceasefire until all of the remaining hostages have been released and Hamas is no longer able to pose a threat to Israel. We also reject calls to place conditions on US aid to Israel....

“We can love and support Israel even if we disagree about the particulars of policy and current events.”

Rabbi Stuart Weinblatt

Congregation B'nai Tzedek

Why Join the Zionist Rabbinic Coalition?

Many rabbis are reluctant or feel intimidated to express their love of Israel. While some rabbis have tried to articulate a Judaism that is separate from Israel, we believe that Israel is an intrinsic part of the American Jewish identity.

By joining the Zionist Rabbinic Coalition you can support Israel with other like-minded rabbinic leaders, access trusted resources, and be empowered to foster a love for Israel for generations to come.