Conference Speakers and Presentations:

Johnnie Moore: Evangelical Leader

We Are Not Alone: Voices of Support Outside the Jewish Community”

Reverend Johnnie Moore opened the conference with an address covered live on C-Span in which he articulated the deep connections between Christians of faith and the Jewish community and explained the source of their love and support for Israel.

Dumisani Washington: CEO of IBSI: Institute for Black Solidarity w/Israel

“What We Must Do Now:  The African-Jewish Alliance Defending Israel and Freedom in a post-pro-Israel World”

Pastor Dumisani Washington spoke about the persecution of Christians in Africa and that this can be a factor that could lead to greater unity between Israel and the Black community, as there is much that can be done to build on those relationships.

Gadi Taub: Israeli historian author and political commentator

“The Bigger Picture: What October 7 Means for Israeli and American Jews”

Gadi came in from Israel just to speak at our conference.  He described the current situation as a historical turning point in both Jewish and Moslem history and as a civilizational crisis, in which Jews are at the epicenter, fighting almost alone to save the Judeo-Christian moral tradition.

Jonathan Schanzer: Author and Senior VP of FDD, Foundation for the Defense of Democracy

“Understanding the Current Threats, Challenges, Opportunities and Options Facing Israel”

Always a conference favorite, Jonathan presented an in-depth look at the 11 security challenges and fronts that Israel is fighting concurrently.

David Bernstein: Founder Jewish Institute for Liberal Values

“Who is the October 8th Jew and What is the October 8th Jewish organization: Understanding the Roots of Anti-Semitism and Rethinking Jewish Advocacy after October 7th”

David spoke about the challenge for Jews when issues are presented in terms of “oppressor and oppressed” and the three possible responses of the American Jewish community to DEI.  We can work to be viewed as being included as an ethnic group that has been discriminated against, we can oppose it, or we can try to work to reform it.  The important thing is to fight for American values, for we do not thrive in societies where the left or the right dominates.

Jonathan Schulman: National Director AIPAC Synagogue Initiative

“The View from Washington: Are US – Israel Relations Broken?”

Jonathan discussed the issues in Congress which are being supported by pro-Israel community and the bi-partisan nature of Aipac’s work, as well as their new model which is to get more directly involved in campaigns, especially primaries where they can have an impact on getting candidates elected who are pro-Israel.

Batya Ungar-Sargon: Author and Opinion editor at Newsweek

“Why American Jews Were Caught Off Guard by the Left’s Antisemitism — and Can it be Fixed?”

In an impassioned address, Batya challenged

Adena Kirstein: GW Hillel Director & Rabbi Ben Berger, Hillel Internat VP for Jewish Education

Report from the Frontlines: What is Happening on College Campuses and What Can We Do About It”

Adena spoke about the situation at GW where anti-Israel pro-Hamas activists have erected an encampment and the impact on Jewish students.  She and Rabbi Berger shared some positive developments as they see the potential for greater involvement and commitment among Jewish students in response to the anti-Israel activity on college campuses.  They also suggested that Jews who are in the encampments may feel that we they are doing is a reflection of the Jewish values they were taught.

David Harris: Board of Advisors of ISGAP (Institute for Study of Global Anti-Semitism and Policy)

“Follow the Money:  Who is Funding the Higher Ed War Against the Jewish People and What Can We About It”

David Harris, the legendary immediate past CEO of AJC, in conversation with Stuart, explained why of all the opportunities available to him upon his retirement, he chose to join the board of ISGAP.  This is the organization that is tracing the money and exposing the funding of the campaign against Jews and Israel in institutions of higher education.  Qatar, a country of only 350,000 citizens, on the other side of the world, has poured $500 billion in recent years into American colleges on an effort to create divisiveness in America.  “Unlike Russia, Qatar doesn’t kill its enemies, it buys them.”

Joel Chasnoff: American Israeli comedian and author

“Israel 201: Stories and Reflections About Our Magical Connection of Israel, with Plenty of Laughter Along the Way”

A day of fascinating and stimulating presentations was capped off by Joel’s unique blend of humor which helped to uplift our spirits and keep things in perspective.

Michael Rubin: Dir of Policy Analysis at the MiddleEast Forum & Sr Fellow at AEI, the American Enterprise Institute

“Don’t Believe the Naysayers: It is Possible to Defeat Hamas and Hezbollah”

Policy analyst Michael Rubin offered a sobering perspective on the war with Hamas and Israel’s priorities in seeking to achieve its sometimes conflicting goals.

Members of Congress:

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: D, FL; Mike Lawler: R, NY; Brad Sherman: D, CA; Max Miller: R, OH

Brad Scheider: D, IL; Kathy Manning: D, NC; Steny Hoyer: D, MD

Members of both parties, including the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee Brad Sherman, former Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, and other prominent members of Congress made a point of taking time out of a very busy day to come and address the ZRC where we heard bi-partisan support for Israel.  Several spoke of the importance of passing the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act introduced by Kathy Manning, which has not yet been brought to a vote in the Senate.  In the words of one Congressman, “There is no equivalence between Israel defending itself and Hamas.”  Another member pointed out how upsetting it is that “Israel is losing the propaganda war to ‘baby-killers’”.

Attendees also received complimentary copies of Batya Ungra-Sargon’s book, “Woke Media” and Joel Chasnoff’s “Israel 201”, as well as a chance to win a four-night stay at the Inbal Hotel in Jerusalem, won by Elliot Pearlson of Miami. 



“What a tremendous conference.  I can only imagine how much heart, soul, time and effort went into making our time together so incredible.  Each speaker was well prepared, each speaker added a different perspective on the difficult times we are all facing today, and while we dealt with some sobering realities, we were strengthened by the brilliant friends we have in DC and the support of Israel, and the Jewish people have during this time of tragedy and war.”

 “Two days that were packed and well spent for rabbis who love Israel and care about her future and who share the desire to find ways to strengthen the relationship.”

 “… The  Zionist Rabbinic Coalition can be a powerful tool to bring us clarity, connect us to one another in new and meaningful ways, and strengthen our Israel voices.”

 “We all deal daily with political divisiveness, attempts to delegitimize Israel, and a deluge of false information. We are at a critical moment in American Jewish life when we need to raise up our collective rabbinic voices and show our love for Israel. We are on the ground floor of creating something new. I, for one, am thankful to have found a community of colleagues where I can be supported in this holy work.”



Highlights from the 2024 ZRC National Conference

Highlights from the 2024 ZRC National Conference

Conference Speakers and Presentations: Johnnie Moore: Evangelical Leader “We Are Not Alone: Voices of Support Outside the Jewish Community” Reverend Johnnie Moore opened the conference with an address covered live on C-Span in which he articulated the deep connections...