By special arrangement with the Honey Foundation for Israel, the Zionist Rabbinic Coalition is pleased to present the first – a small booklet they produced entitled “From the Fruit of the Land,” reflections by ten Israeli spiritual communal leaders offering testimony about the vitality of Israeli Judaism.

These leaders from across the denominations, all leaders in the field of Israeli Judaism, share their thoughts about the new Israeli Jewish identity emerging today and the opportunities it presents for the work of building Jewish communities that can inspire and connect.

The reflections offer us an opportunity to see ourselves and our communities within the larger narrative of Jewish spiritual renaissance. This is a pro-Israel, pro-Judaism, pro-connection way of telling the story of Israel. A story that is positive, transcending politics and demoralizing narratives. 

We invite rabbis to read selections from these reflections either in conjunction with the Prayer of the State of Israel as a moment of connection with Israel, Israelis, and our joint project of building up Jewish life, or as material you may wish to consider for your sermons.