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Free as a Jew: A Personal Memoir of National Self Liberation

By Ruth Wisse


The book traces the journey of the Harvard University Professor who escaped the Nazis and devoted her life as a female Jewish refugee to pioneering women’s equality and giving voice to the culture and people the Nazis sought to decimate. The book has received high praise from Cynthia Ozick, Howard Jacobson, Liel Liebovitz, and many others.


Sylvia Barack Fishman writes in her review, “…Lisbon in the 1940s, with Jews escaping the rising European storm; Yiddish poets in kibbutzim during Israel’s struggling early years; fierce ideological battles at Harvard faculty meetings as the deadening hand of political correctness descends …revelations about Leonard Cohen, Saul Bellow, Irving Howe, Larry Summers, and other unforgettable characters in Wisse’s life (grandmother Fradl, the most beautiful woman in Vilna, moved me to tears)… Wisse’s clear, astonishingly honest, original voice makes this book a must-read. Ruth Wisse is a brilliant, courageous, and passionate defender of the Jewish people and the Jewish State.”


In making this generous offer to rabbis, Ruth writes, “As you might imagine, it deals with many of the same challenges you and your colleagues probably confront every day.”


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More information and other advance reviews can be found at:  https://www.bmmworldwide.com/free-as-a-jew.  And for more information about contacting Ruth, contact Suzanne Balaban in New York – 212-796-5895 suzanne@bmmworldwide.com