Here are some recent activities, programs and projects of the ZRC:

  • Called upon Rabbinic Seminaries to require that anti-Zionists and non-Zionists not be admitted.
  • Called upon Rabbinic Seminaries to review their education about Israel and Jewish peoplehood.
  • Our coalition of rabbis continues to grow, with over 200 who have formally joined, and several hundred who receive our communications, participate in our sessions, and are aligned with our goals.
  • We held a series of webinars for rabbis during the May War with Hamas with Michael OrenJonathan SchanzerYossi Kupperwasser, and others to provide up to date information to rabbis to counter misinformation in the media about the war.
  • In response to the letter signed by 90 Rabbinic students harshly critical of Israel during the war, we initiated a Rabbinic Letter of Support for Israel which garnered over 600 signatures.
  • Have held High Holiday seminars to educate rabbis featuring Joseph Telushkin, Israel’s Minister of Diaspora Affairs, Nahman Shai, Rabbi Avi Weiss, Yossi Klein Halevi, UN Ambassador Gilad Erdan and others.
  • We conducted several webinars, including one to help train rabbis on how to work and speak with young people about antisemitism.
  • We distributed a number of articles and materials on a variety of issues to help rabbis understand issues in the news, including why Israel opposes the opening of a US consulate in Jerusalem and one about why Israel labeled six NGO’s as terrorist entities, and other topics.
  • Communicated to parties and contacts in the Israeli government our displeasure with violence and harassment against individuals praying at the Egalitarian section of the Kotel on Tisha B’Av.
  • Held a highly successful national in-person conference for rabbis in Washington, D.C. with number of experts and resources about Israel and Zionism.

Plans for the coming year include continuing to expand our coalition so we can reach more rabbis and rabbinical students and to hold an in-person seminar in the Washington DC area in August, along with a number of other exciting initiatives.

Please help us get word out and help us expand our coalition by letting others know about our work, encouraging rabbis to join, and contributing by clicking here