The inauguration of Israel’s new government has been greeted by hysterical headlines, articles, editorials, and expressions of concern, denunciations, and sharp criticism about the composition and direction of the newly installed government.

To offer some balance to the prevailing narrative found in The New York Times, the Washington Post, and other critics of Israel, I share with you several articles which offer perspectives other than their dire predictions.

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American rabbis have an obligation to heed President Herzog’s advice and do what we can to calm the sprits and lower the flames.  We can best help Israel’s democracy by encouraging whichever position we support to recognize and accept the imperative to find a way to solve the current standoff by working for and accepting the President’s call to find a compromise, one that will best accommodate the need for reform while preserving judicial independence.

Our relationship to Israel should transcend concerns, legitimate as they may be, over proposed changes and reforms, ministerial appointments of individuals not fit for office and other things that may be disturbing.  For while all of this is going on, Iran continues its march towards acquiring nuclear capability, Palestinian teenage terrorists attack and kill Jews and the PA distributes candies to children celebrating the murder of a 6 and 8 year old children, and Israel sends aid to Turkey and Syria.

As President Herzog stated in his efforts to mediate a compromise and to reassure a public that has been rattled, “Israeli democracy is long-standing and stable. The world of values of Israeli society is not easy to challenge.”

We can best help Israel’s democracy by ensuring that opposition to policies of the new government not become opposition to Israel, that our commitment not be conditional, and that our reactions not lead to distancing from Israel or diminished support for it.

  • Jewish Hysterics and Israel’s New Government “…accepting the actual, existing Israel does not mean applauding the new government or approving the Religious Zionist Party’s leaders or policies… The real issue is whether American Jews care more about their own illusions or about the Jewish state that actually exists and still struggles each day against enemies who seek every day to kill Jews.” | Elliott Abrams | Commentary: Read Article
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